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Elaine Morris

General Manager

“Thank you for a job truly well done – the projects you complete for us are always innovative, professional, timely and are given the utmost attention to detail. We especially appreciate your friendly, helpful and available approach to business. We look forward to continuing to work with you long into the future.”.

Marc Debnam 


“Outshine Media are a pleasure to deal with. They are creative, reliable, flexible and consistently exceeds our expectations. We only use Outshine Media for our video production needs and I highly recommend them.”

Jeremy Richmand


“You know that feeling when you’ve been working with various suppliers, and then you work with someone new, and you feel like you’ve just gone up several notches? When everything just seems that much better – the professionalism, the communication, the understanding of the brief, the adjustments that are made before you are even aware of the need? The sense of confidence and relaxation you get because you are being looked after by people at the top of their game. That’s the feeling you get working with Outshine Media.”

Mandy Scotney
General Manager

“The thing that impressed us the most working with Outshine Media, was how easy they made the whole process and how much fun we had being part of it. When presenting the video for the first time to our staff, the expression of our spoke volumes, very impressed with the outcome. We have since then developed other videos with Outshine Media and recemmend them as professionals in their field."


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